Vazashk De'grev

Force-sensitive diplomat on the run.


I was born in the captiol of Bothawui, Drev’starn, to a prominent diplomatic family and clan. During my tender years I was well educated in the arts of diplomacy and education. But, my family did not expect me to be influenced by an outsider.

During one of my “unscheduled” outings I ran into an old man. He was human, sporting a long beard, and his eyes were solid white. Curious, I approached and offered him some credits so he could fetch a meal. He chuckled and said, “I see much more without my eyes, child.” I continued to escape my lessons to see the old man who never told me his name, but rather gave me insight to the rest of the galaxy. Things more important than clan and family.

My new outlook didn’t go over well with my family. They said I was poisoned by ridiculous thoughts and ideals. As time passed our differences began to grow until there was a notable fracture between my family and clan. With clever political maneuvering they were able to keep my views silenced and prevent me from moving into the political landscape.

While digging for some dirt, I found some information about my family; a long list of sorted scandals and acts that would best be hidden. I threatened them with this information, but they were a few steps ahead of me. I am now a slave stripped, of title and resources, but with a hunger to bring to justice those that have wronged countless innocents.

Vazashk De'grev

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