Force on the Fringe

Friends Old and New
What a Mess

Daenarys was on the way back to her mentors from an unsuccessful information hunt when an informant she befriended, who works for Sed and Clang, gave her some free info about a trio heading to take reinforcements back to attack Ivarr and Wavesk. A well placed sniper shot dropped two in the initial assault and after a tough scrap she was able to knockout the Zygerrian slaver. On the way to the meetup she awoke and questioned the slaver, gaining much needed intel and a bit extra on the side.

Everyone converged on a back-alley cul-de-sac with Sed and Clang, including Lurbo and his entourage. Lurbo, Ivarr, and Wavesk are obviously old acquaintances at the least, and probably have a stronger bond than that according to Vozashk’s feelings. It is agreed that Ivarr and Wavesk will show everyone Keebo’s safehouse on Rishii before letting the group assist them in getting Ivarr’s family back from Zygerrian slavers, after which the mercenary team will assist the group in wiping some pirate trash off Rishi.

Kaille got information on a good doc from the broker team and headed there with Solwarr: Daenarys, a bit battered, decided to follow. At the street clinic they were met by a couple of burly receptionists, a human and a Rishii. The latter bartered a trade with Kaille for some blasters and the former escorted the group to the front of the line and straight back to see Doctor Mathaes Forge, an ebony-skinned human who apparently deals with an arms trade on the side. The group made fast friends with Doc Forge and his team, who will be a constant contact for them.

Back at the alley the group is ambushed by some pirates! Vozashk was extra alert and started off the fight with a sharp object hurled at a trandoshan, cutting his wrist and forcing him to drop a grenade at his feet killing him in a messy manner. A storm of debris then flew up blocking a barrage of heavy rifle bolts, but some coordinated fire took Vozashk down shortly thereafter. The group mopped up the trash while the Bothan finished his nap. Some messy questions were then asked while Lurbo injected a stimpak into his Bothan mouth piece, waking him up. The pirates were working for Zeega, who apparently knows the group is alive and on Rishi.

A New Beginning

On the way to Rishi you meet a Rishii pirate patrol and trade some information about the First Order for passage through their space and they let you land in their base. There Kaille runs into someone he’s gambled with before, the Rishii Kriv and they made a wager: if your group can defeat a rival pirate group, Bombastor’s Grungers, you get whatever ship of theirs you choose, if not then your ship is forfeit.

On the way to the planet Lurbo made a proposition to the group: anyone could leave and whoever remained could share in the wealth recovered from his parent. About half the group parted: Shelva (and children), Illik Ondri, BB-7D, Haev Li’oro (male Twi’lek dancer and servant), and Henna Benti (female human cook) remained with the group. The group split up to search for information on known associates of Keebo the Crusher.

Some quality time is spent on the planet between gambling and gathering information.

INTEL: The Grungers take any job, nothing is too dirty, and they will go to any lengths to accomplish their goals, no matter how messy or immoral.

INTEL: Ohnaka gang – Weequay pirates.

INTEL: Corellians – loose affiliation of beings from the Corellian sector who band together if anyone is messed with.

INTEL: Rishii Raiders – boss likes intel, especially on the First Order, and dislikes Hutts.

You met the information broker team Sed and Clang: the former a small, charming man and the latter a giant of a man with a metal plate replacing half his head. Sed constantly refers to a datapad in his dealings while Clang stands by stoically. You bartered some intel on Zeega the Hutt for intel on Ivarr Rajax and Wavesk Ozaz, a mercenary team who worked with Lurbo’s parent Keebo the Crusher. They also hired you to assist them to correct an error in information (and attempt to smooth over the hit to their rep).

You arrive at a warehouse in the middle of a firefight and help take down a group of pirates and mercenaries who were ambushing Ivarr and Wavesk. They reminded one mercenary, Jivei Shinar, of honor and she took most of her crew away from the fight, but their leader, Yor Ellik, branded them as cowards, soon to be dead cowards. You defeated him and the pirates while knocking out a Zygerrian slaver, who was the target of Ivarr and Wavesk, who are seeking family members sold into slavery.

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